Research Areas of Focus

Our Research Areas of Focus include Hearing Health, Hearing Science, Deaf Studies and Quality of Life. We embrace proposals for all age groups, from pediatrics to geriatrics. Methodologies may be qualitative or quantitative. Definitions of our Research Areas of Focus along with examples are provided below. They are meant to be broadly interpreted and inclusive. 

The CHS Global Partnerships for Research & Innovation priorities for research are:

Hearing Health

Prevention, identification, assessment, treatment and (re)habilitation of auditory and balance difficulties. 

Hearing Science 

Research activities in the fields of acoustics, neuroscience, and psychology concerning perception of sound.

Deaf Studies

Research activities in the fields of sociology, language, and inclusivity of Deaf individuals.  

Quality of Life

Research related to the impacts of being Deaf or hard of hearing as relates to an individual’s ability to participate and enjoy life activities.

Research Areas of Focus chart