Our Approach

We are interested in research that is relevant and will have a significant impact on breaking barriers to participation for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals and their families. Whether your work is based in physiology or quality of life, employment or community participation; your methodology is quantitative or qualitative, dissemination is clinical or based in service delivery; we are looking for projects that are across the lifespan and individuals’ journey toward full community participation. 

Our application process is two-fold. First, you will be required to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) so we can assess your proposal for fit and impact according to our Research Areas of Focus. If deemed a good fit, you and your team will then be invited to submit a full grant proposal. Successful research proposals will be rated through a Grant Review Panel of experts against a specific criteria common to the scholarly endeavour. We invite proposals that will lead to results that are impactful, implementable and amiable to dissemination in a peer-review publication. 

Our framework for Grant Review is centered on the following questions:
•    Is the project relevant?
•    Is the project feasible?
•    Does the project strive toward excellence?
•    Does the project have a potential for impact?

We encourage partnership grants. If you have a current project already in the works and require complementary funding, consider applying for partial funding from CHS Global Partnerships for Research & Innovation. We strive in accelerating research growth across the field of knowledge and consider collaborative research a catalyst for progress.