Peer Review Guidelines

Grant Review Panel Guidelines - PDF

Peer Review Approach

CHS Global Partnerships for Research & Innovation bases its funding decisions on peer review recommendations and its success relies on the research community’s participation. Peer review is the worldwide accepted standard for determining excellence in scientific research. The purpose of the Grant Review Panel (GRP) is to exercise fair and rigorous judgement through their participation in high-quality reviews of funding applications. Reviewers demonstrate this judgement through written reports which consists of a rating and explanatory comments. To view our Grant Review Panel member list, click here.

The merit of each Funding Application will be evaluated against criteria related to:

•    Relevance
•    Excellence
•    Potential for Impact
•    Feasibility 

Join our Panel

Our GRP comprises of established national and global researchers who review each application for scientific merit and relevance to our priority areas of focus. CHS Global Partnerships for Research & Innovation invites GRP members based on:

•    Research excellence
•    Peer review experience 
•    Expertise related to our priority areas of focus
•    Sense of impact for funded projects

We recognize the competitive application review process requires a significant investment of time and sincerely appreciate the engagement of our Panel members! Participation as a reviewer offers several benefits, including gaining insight into peer review process, learning about new research developments, recognition, as well as networking with peers. 

CHS Global Partnerships for Research & Innovation will extend invitations to recognized experts who bring a track record of excellence and dedication to providing consistent, fair, and high-quality reviews. If you are interested in becoming a member of our GRP, we invite you to fill out the Grant Review Panel Member Profile Form

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